wp_aboutBill and Peggy Britt both grew up in small towns in North Carolina. After serving in Korea, Bill earned an advanced degree in engineering, and spent the next 15 years as a city manager in various North Carolina cities. But despite the status of having a professional, highly visible job in the community, Bill and Peggy wanted to find an opportunity that could give them the security and free time that they wanted.

It was at this point that they heard about a business that actually paid according to how hard they were willing to work. Even though they worked hard at their jobs, they knew they could apply more effort to their own business. When they saw the business plan, they recognized an opportunity to control their own destiny, where they could set their own schedules, grow as fast as they were willing to work, and be paid accordingly.

Though Bill was working long hours as a city manager, commanding a National Guard unit and going to school for an advanced degree, he and Peggy managed to find a few hours during the week to start their business. After a slow start, the business grew quickly, and Bill found himself working almost around the clock as he pursued the momentum of their new endeavor. In the early 1970s, he left his city manager position to pour himself full-time into their business.

One of the things that attracted Bill and Peggy to owning their own business is that it’s a level playing field. It takes a determined work ethic, the willingness to do something for your business every day, and the willingness to reach out to help someone else succeed in their business. They set goals for ourselves, so there was always something to be working towards. It’s the process of achieving goals that’s the most important thing.

For over 40 years Bill and Peggy grew their business on a global scale, and enjoyed nothing more than being able to give back to other entrepreneurs who would come to them for advice. And as they achieved success, they gave back to worthy charities in their local communities in Florida and North Carolina, especially to Easter Seals and the U.S. Dream Academy. Both of these organizations have developed programs to meet the needs of children and returning veterans.

Sadly, Bill Britt passed away in 2013, but he continues to serve as an inspiration to business owners who want the chance to flourish in the free enterprise system. Peggy remains active in the business they built together.

Coming from a small town in North Carolina, Peggy now has friends literally around the world. What makes it even more special is that, as entrepreneurs, they all share the same dream about the importance of owning your own business. There will always be people who have a dream of owning their own business; it’s the same dream Bill and Peggy had when they got started. And it’s the dreamers who will become entrepreneurs and create their own possibilities, because they will challenge themselves to become who they were meant to be, something they might not find going to work for 40 years in a 9-5 job.